Squaredle ➡️

Squaredle is a fun and dynamic word guessing game. Move the letters and get guesses.

Every day the player has the opportunity to get the maximum number of points - 5. The game week starts on Sunday. Find all the words and win every day.

Rules of the game

The goal of the puzzle is to create a string of green letters. To turn white and orange tiles into green ones, the player needs to drag the elements vertically or horizontally and swap them. It is not allowed to move tiles diagonally.

Once all the tiles are green in a row or column, the player has succeeded in forming a word.

To get the maximum number of points for the game, use the specified number of steps.

Color hints

Use the colors of the tiles as clues. A green tile contains a letter that is in the correct place. Orange tiles indicate that the letter should be swapped to one of the cells in the same row or column.

Yellow tiles indicate tiles that can be swapped with other tiles in any direction.

A white cell indicates that it cannot be replaced with a different color element in a row or column, but must first be moved.

Game results

The game is available in two modes: easy and hard. After the round is played, the player receives the result and statistics:

- number of correct words;

- number of moves;

- minimum number of moves.

Game results can be shared in a Facebook group. By sharing with friends, the player will get access to the bonus game. The games are slightly different from the usual daily ones. Regardless of the complexity, they can all be solved with the number of moves indicated on the screen.

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