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Do you like to use search engines? Google is one of the most popular and well-known search engines in the world. The new Feudle game is designed for the player to try themselves as a search engine and find the word they are looking for.

The puzzle, in which you have to look for the word, will not only allow you to relax, but will also be a great exercise for the brain.

The playing field consists of six rows of empty cells. Each of them has six empty tiles. Above the cells is the search bar and the game logo. It is in the search bar that you need to type the answer options. All words will automatically appear in the cells below. The color markings will help you understand which letters are used correctly and which ones need to be changed.

There are already a couple of words in the search bar. Use them as a hint. The guessing word should continue or complement the phrase in meaning.

The player receives a new riddle every day. The number of cells will vary depending on the secret word. If you have experience and have already improved your skills, choose a more difficult mode.

How to play FEUDLE

Register to make the game available. This way you can share your progress on social media and challenge your friends.

The rules of the game are simple and do not require any special skills:

  • open the game and read the beginning of the phrase in the search bar;
  • enter a possible variant using the keyboard or the layout on the screen;
  • use 6 attempts to solve the riddle;
  • after entering each new option, the letters will be colored in a certain color;
  • use the colors as a hint to find the next word;
  • select options until you can guess the word;
  • If you fail, the word will be displayed on the screen.

Focus on the color to match letters. If a segment is colored green, it means that the letter is in the same place as in the word you are guessing. Blue tiles need to be moved to a different position to guess the word. Gray cells indicate that such letters were not used in the final word. Solve the puzzle and get rewarded.

Additionally, you can open the section of previous puzzles, which is marked with a clock. This is how the puzzles from previous games are saved: the date of the game and the phrase to be continued are indicated. The player can click on the selected date and try their hand at the game.

Track your progress and enjoy your victories in the statistics. Check the total number of games played, the number of words guessed, and the percentage of successful attempts used.

Expand your vocabulary, improve your vocabulary skills, and sharpen your memory and literacy. An interesting and addictive puzzle game will be a great option for your leisure time.

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