Octordle Wordle ➡️

There are 8 playing fields on the screen in front of the player, corresponding to the number of words that have been guessed.

How to play Octordle Wordle

The player's task is to guess all the words. To do this, the participant has 13 attempts to write all the words. The player chooses the first option at random, taking into account the number of letters. Made-up words do not count.

After each guess entered, the squares with letters are colored in different colors: - green - you managed to guess not only the letter, but also its location in the word; - orange - the letter is present in the word, but you should move it to another position in the next attempt; - gray - the letter could not be guessed, it is not used in the word.

Use these hints to choose the next option. Color coding is also provided on the keyboard layout at the bottom of the screen. The color indicates how close the participant is to the guess.

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