Sedecordle Wordle ➡️ Solve 16 Wordles at once!

The player receives new riddles every day. These riddles are the same for all game participants, so you can organize competitions with friends and share your results on your social media page.

Create your own game

Each participant can customize the difficulty of the game and choose a language. The list of languages includes 19 options. The list includes three variants of English: American, British, and English for Children. The player can choose one of the most widely used languages and practice his or her wits.

You can also choose the complexity of the words, namely the number of letters. To do this, you can easily change the number of letters in the settings - 4, 5 or 6 letters. You can guess all the words in a chain, starting with the simplest ones, and only at the end solve the crossword puzzle with 6-letter words.

Track your results

In the statistics section, the player can see the results of the game. The list shows the number of games played, the number and percentage of wins. The statistics also show the number of successful games in a row, as well as the best guesses.

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