Cladder Word Game ➡️

Speed, wit, and a rich vocabulary are a must for the intellectual Cladder word game. Build a chain of words and get rewarded for each successful answer. To win, you need to quickly select the guess words and move on to the next task.

The task is updated every day. The goal of Cladder is to guess 10 words in 60 seconds. The player receives a starting word and a hint-explanation for the next one. They differ by one letter. Choose the correct option and enter it into the cells.

Keep track of the time. For your convenience, there is a timeline on the screen that shows the period of time left to guess the words.

As soon as you manage to guess, the next riddle will appear on the screen. The participant needs to enter a new word, again changing only one letter.

When the time is up, the result is displayed on the screen - the number of guessed words out of 10 possible.

The player can choose other modes besides daily puzzles: - Training - guess an infinite number of words and improve your skills; - Archive - tasks from previous games that the player missed.

Upon completion, progress can be tracked in the statistics section. The player can check the total number of games played and the percentage of wins. The system displays data on the fastest game and the average time it takes a player to solve all 10 words.

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