Duotrigordle ➡️

The goal of the game is to guess all the words using the available hints and attempts.

Rules of the game

There are 32 playing fields in front of the player. At the beginning, you should choose a word of 5 letters at random, and then use the hints from the screen. Type the word using the keyboard layout at the bottom of the screen.

As soon as the first word is entered, the letter cells will change color:

- all cells are green in a row - the word is guessed;

- some cells are colored green - the player has guessed some letters and their location in the word;

- yellow - the letters are present in the guessed word, but their position should be changed;

- letters that are not used in the word are grayed out.

For convenience, the letters are also colored in the layout below. Thus, it is easier for the player to select options.

Letters appear on all fields at the same time. Carefully consider the already opened options and select the next guess words.

The player has an attempt counter on the screen. Do not waste a single move and take into account all the hints.

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